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  • How do I take care of my jewellery?
    As most of the jewellery in our collection is a minimum of 40 years old therefore, extra care must be taken while wearing and storing it: Don't shower in your jewellery or get it wet. Don't sleep in your jewellery. Store your pieces flat. Avoid contact with liquids and cosmetics; for example moisturisers and perfumes. Keep out of direct sunlight. Clean carefully with a soft, non-abrasive and lint-free cloth. Please also see our 'Jewellery Care' page for more information.
  • Are all your pieces vintage?
    No. Where possible we will state the decade or era the piece is from but some of our pieces are not old enough to be considered vintage and this will be stated in the item description.
  • Would you sell my jewellery that I no longer wear?
    Yes! We absolutely sell jewellery on your behalf. We first ask for photos to see if we feel our audience would be interested and then ask you to arrange delivery to us. If successful, we would then take a percentage of the sale price.
  • Can I return my purchase?
    If your purchase isn't all you hoped for, we do accept returns as long as the piece is in the condition you received it and in the Alice Skewis Jewellery box. We do not refund delivery charges and it will be up to you to arrange the return delivery. Please see our Returns Policy
  • Have the pieces been worn before?
    None of the jewellery is new, like if you bought from a shop today, however some pieces may be decades old yet have never been worn. Others definitely have be well loved and may show slight signs of age and wear. We will endeavour to describe the condition of each piece in the description. Alice lovingly cleans each piece of jewellery so that its looking its absolute best for its new home.
  • Does my order come in a box?
    Yes! Your new purchase will come in an Alice Skewis Jewellery gift box. However if you feel this will just go straight in the bin, in the interest of sustainability, please click on 'Add Note' at the checkout and state that you do not wish to receive a box. With items of a lower price, they may come in a black velvet pouch.
  • I'm looking for something specific, can you help?
    Absolutely. If you require something specific that you can't find on the website and would like me to find for you, I will go hunting! Please send the details to
  • What condition are the pieces in?
    In the product description for each piece, we rate the condition as follows: Excellent - like brand new, perfect condition Very Good - great condition but shows a few signs of age Good - the signs of age and wear are more noticeable We also try to show the condition in the photographs as accurately as possible. If you are unhappy with you purchase, we accept Returns, please see our Returns Policy.
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