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Alice Skewis Jewellery specialises in the sale of beautiful pre-loved and vintage jewellery, spanning from the art deco era to the present day. Alice has a passion for sourcing forgotten and discarded pieces, in the hope that they will be given a new life and will once again be taken out on the town. There is something romantic about jewellery from a bygone era, with a captivating story to tell, that cannot be bought on the mass market.


And of course, buying vintage is always the more sustainable option. By purchasing pre loved pieces, customers become conservators rather than consumers, contributing to the preservation of beautiful jewellery and reducing their environmental footprint.

"I look forward to you becoming the next chapter in the history of these beautiful pieces. I absolutely love to see photos of you wearing your purchases, so do please send them in to me!"





In recognising that most of the jewellery is at least four decades old and has been worn before, Alice Skewis Jewellery transparently represents the items' age and wear in product descriptions and photographs. These imperfections are celebrated as part of the jewellery's unique charm. Each piece is assessed and categorised based on its condition, ranging from "Excellent" for items in perfect, like-new condition to "Good" for those with more noticeable signs of age and wear.

In the product description for each piece, we rate the condition as follows:
Excellent - like brand new, perfect condition
Very Good - great condition but shows a few signs of age
Good - the signs of age and wear are more noticeable 


Additionally, the business values customer satisfaction, offering a Returns Policy for anyone unsatisfied with their purchase.

Alice Skewis Jewellery is not just a business; it's a journey into the past, a celebration of sustainability, and an invitation to be a part of the ongoing legacy of beautiful, vintage jewellery.


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