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A rare and unique gilt bracelet in the modern, brutalist style with bark pattern. The bracelet is a hinged cuff bangle securely held into place by the three knotches. The gilt shows signs of wear due to the age of this piece. The bracelet is snug to my wrist, which is medium to small in size.


Signed Kigu. Made in England.


Width: 4cm

Diameter: 5.8cm


Era: 1960-70s

Condition: Fair

Product code: ASJ-0703


About the brand

The name Kigu originates from the first two letters of the surname and forename of its founder, Gustav Kiaschek. Gustav was of Hungarian origin and created high quality powder compacts from his workshop in Budapest. He raised three sons, Charles, Paul and George. George moved to London in 1939 where he founded Kigu of London. HRH Prince Philip gifted Kigu powder compacts to HM Queen Elizabeth's bridesmaids. 

Kigu Cuff Bracelet

SKU: 0703
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