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An elegant pair of clip on earrings by Grossé, who are known for producing jewelllery for Dior. They are delicate and beautifully designed, fitting the ear lobe perfectly. Gold Plated.

Signed Grossé


Length: 2.5cm


Era: Unknown

Condition: Excellent

Product code: ASJ-0868


About the brand

Originally known as Henkel & Grosse, the German company dropped the Henkel part of the name and then 'Frenchified' the name further by adding an accent on the final e.  Well known for producing jewellery for Christian Dior, which they've done since the 1950s, Grossé has also produced their own line of jewellery since they opened in 1907.  The Grossé aesthetic is simple and elegant with pieces plated in gold or rhodium and minimally adorned.

In 2006 the family went out of business and the firm became part of the Dior group.

Grossé Earrings

SKU: 0868
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