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A delicate and petite pair of earrings for pierced ears. Two square interlink, one with baguette diamantés and one with circular. Gold tone metal.

Signed A&S


Length: 1.8cm


Era: 1980s

Condition: Excellent

Product code: ASJ-1059


About the Brand

Attwood and Sawyer vintage costume  jewellery (1956-2001)

Founded in Wales in 1956 by Horas Atwood (Sauer was a partner), Atwood and Sauer produced copies of precious ornaments from the 18th to 19th centuries. In addition, the firm produced high-end imitation jewellery and sold their pieces in prestigious retail outlets across the UK, Europe and other countries around the world. They also made jewellery for the television series “Dallas” and “Dynasty”, as well as for the beauty contest “Miss World”.

A special recognition was given to their historical collection of exact copies of the jewellery of the Duchess of Windsor. 
The A&S company ceased to exist in 2001 when it was bought by Buckley Jewellery Ltd.

Asako Earrings

SKU: 1059
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